Vices of the week: Robots drive, Segways fly

DVICE's first week was a blast. We're excited about the changes being made around here and from the looks of it you are, too. This week we pitted gadget retailers Sharper Image and SkyMall against one another, found a plethora of 'bots you can buy and asked: Just how well do you know your phone? Meanwhile, our captain Peter Pachal put the brakes on the Information Age's downhill slide.

New Knight Rider KITT is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR
KITT's back and looking better than ever. Let's hope the show's as sweet as the car.

Vertipod, the flying Segway
Just be sure you wear a helmet, space cadet.

Perfect pen for the spy — or the paranoid
Fancy yourself a bit of a spy? Whether this will go with your tinfoil hat or pocket protector, it's a neat little gadget.

Scentology smells just as fishy as Scientology
A socially acceptable way to huff markers.

Sarcos exoskeleton: sooo close to being a cyborg
Whirrr... Kshh... Whirrr... Kshh... Oh, hey, didn't see you there. Yeah, I was pretending to be a cyborg.

Plasma Globe Night Light turns your apartment into a science museum
What happens if it breaks?

Meneau's wine decanter: Bloody genius!
Artsy winos and vampires alike will love filling Meneau's glass veins with their favorite drink.