Surf the web while driving if you really hate safety

You can get the Internet on your laptop in many places now due to the wonders of WiFi hotspots, but your car is one of the last places to be a virtual dead zone of Internet access. Sure, your cell phone can hop on an EVDO signal and do some pseudo-surfing, but what if you want your real computer to connect while driving?

Well you could always get one of these AirBox CM3s. It's a little wireless router that'll pull that hot EVDO signal out of the air and allow you to connect a few PCs to it in your car. Designed to work while moving, it's supposedly "reliable at over 100MPH," you know, in case you wanted to check your email while risking your life. The modem itself will set you back $500, with Sprint's EVDO service another $59 a month.

Product Page, via CrunchGear