'Spider-Man' bracelet keeps mace a finger flip away

The problem with mace is that, if you need it in a hurry, it's oftentimes buried at the bottom of a purse or deep in a pocket. When you're in the heat of the moment and you need to burn a dude's face real good, you need access to that firesauce right now. That's the idea behind the "Spider-Man" bracelet, which takes its inspiration from the web-slinging hero.

It's a bracelet loaded up with eye-hurtin' mace, and to use it you just turn your wrist up and do the motion you're familiar with from the popular Spiderman films. Yep, just like Spidey shoots his web, you'll be shooting mace. You won't be able to swing from building to building, but you will be able to really screw up a would-be muggers night, which is sort of like being a superhero. It should be available later this year.

Local6, via CrunchGear