SlingCatcher is the opposite of a Slingbox, with extra functions to boot

Slingbox, the company that makes everybody's favorite TV to computer accessory, announced a product that it calls SlingCatcher earlier this year. The company was showing one off last night at a CES press event, which is a pretty good sign that it plans to start selling the product soon (though not before Christmas this year).

The SlingCatcher pretty much a reverse Slingbox: instead of sending media from your television to your PC, it sends media from your computer to the TV. Sounds kind of like the Apple TV, which was described using terms like "opposite" and "Slingbox" when it first hit the market. Of course, as the Slingbox representatives love to point out, unlike the Apple TV, SlingCatcher will let you send just about any kind of video file from your computer to your television.

The SlingCatcher can also send media remotely from one television to another local or remote television, with no need for an intervening computer. The company, which was recently acquired by EchoStar, will announce more details closer to launch, and is currently planning to sell the SlingCatcher for less than $200.

Via SlingMedia