Shocking car key delivers an overpriced jolt

Here's a novel gift idea for the sadistic set. The Shocks Car Key from Bim Bam Banana takes advantage of our complacent trust for those keyless entry devices, delivering a little jolt to whoever is unfortunate enough to push one of this baby's buttons. The next time that leech of a friend asks to borrow your car, you'll feel much better about saying yes. Of course, if your friend also has heart disease, you might want to try a less, uh, shocking gag.

Truthfully, I'm not sure I get how this will surprise anyone, what with the word "shock" apparently displayed on the side of the contraption. And if you have a rep for being tight about who drives your car, forget it. Your sudden generosity will most likely be looked upon suspiciously. Besides, rather than plunking down an outrageous $51 for the Shocks Car Key, you could just go here and choose from a universe of shocking gags for less than $10 each.

Bim Bam Banana, via Shiny Shiny