Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse has monster specs and looks to kill

There's something about this odd-looking Saitek Cyborg gaming mouse that we really like. It's similar to the Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse, reminding us of a shoe sizer. Available in two different versions as you see here, notice how the black mouse's length, like a shoe sizer, has been expanded to accommodate a larger hand. Also like the Sidewinder, the Cyborg has small weights you can move to various places on the mouse to adjust its center of gravity.

The Cyborg is unusually sensitive, boasting 3200dpi, beating the Microsoft Sidewinder whose highest rez tops out at 2000dpi. The Cyborg also has two extra buttons beyond the ordinary configuration, available for assigning whichever functions you desire. You'll have to wait a bit for this one, shipping in January at a price of around $60.

We like this trend toward creatively designed gaming mice, with numerous companies trying to top each other, producing pointing devices that are as outlandish as the games they navigate.

Slash Gear
, via PC Launches