Ripsaw is the biggest, baddest robot tank around

I was tempted to just post a picture of this beast and no text because that is all that is needed to shock and awe, but it's my duty to at least give a little information about this big bertha while drooling all over my keyboard. The Ripsaw is an unmanned ground vehicle, yes, a remote-controlled robot, that is big, bad and can tear through anything in its way. The Ripsaw is capable of going 0-50 in 3.5 seconds. This kind of power is result of a 650 hp engine and the 350 pound custom engineered dual tracks. Craziest thing of all, it was all constructed by hand by the Howe brothers, in their spare time.

The early production photos and video show the Ripsaw easily eating up small building and hauling through all types of terrain. It has an asking price of $200,000, which may seem like a lot, but just imagine the smile on that child's face when he receives this kind of an R/C tank this holiday season. Click through to see another picture and a video of the early, manned prototype.


Ripsaw, via Geekologie