Rhex six-legged robot really is all-terrain

Grassy plains, rocky hills, stairs, water and jagged cliffs — the Rhex conquers each with windmilling enthusiasm. Designed by Boston Dynamics, the Rhex manages to climb over whatever obstacle is before it by inelegantly beating up against it, its six legs flailing. But don't discount such a brutal approach. The Rhex doesn't mind a violent tumble over things hard and sharp, and won't get bogged down in mud. Even water isn't a problem as the Rhex's legs can be swapped for paddles.

The Rhex is designed to work in virtually any climate and has a camera at both the for and the aft. It can be controlled remotely from over 1,500 feet away. Rumor has it you can contact Boston Dynamics for one of your own, but as the company's client base include corporations and military interests I wouldn't expect a cheap quote.

Boston Dynamics, via BotJunkie