Pyramat Gaming Office Chair 2.1 dangerously announces how little work you do

Got time to sneak in a few rounds of Counter Strike at the office? Why be ashamed? You got your work done early and now it's time to relax. (Yeah right.) This Pyramat Wireless PC Gaming Office Chair 2.1 brazenly lets everyone around the workplace know what you're up to with a built-in set of speakers and subwoofer. It connects to your computer wirelessly, though the chair's rechargeable battery will only last you four or five hours until you've got to plug it in. If anything tips your boss off, it's that you're plugging your chair into an outlet at the end of the day.

The Pyramat Wireless PC Gaming Office Chair 2.1 sells for around $290. Personally, I'd just spring for the most comfortable chair I could for some gaming at home, but if you work at an office where everyone is playing the Who Has The Loudest Cubicle? game, you could probably win with this chair.

Sharper Image, via OhGizmo!