Perfect pen for the spy — or the paranoid

Ever get the feeling you are being watched? Are you constantly peering into the vent looking for a wireless camera or microphone recording and transmitting your every move? Would you feel safer if you had a device that would tell you instantly if there were a wireless or RF signal nearby and then help you track it down? Of course you would, and that's why Chinavasion is selling the Auto Detective Pen.

When the Auto Detective Pen detects a wireless signal in the 900, 1200, 1300, 2600, and 3000 MHz range it begins flashing. The blinks get faster the closer you get to the source, until prying eyes or ears are revealed. If you're concerned someone might be slipping you counterfeit money, the Auto Detective Pen also has a UV light for verifying validity. $16.00 gets you this awesome spy device that can also serve as a writing utensil.

Chinavasion via Uber Review