orbiTouch keyboard lets you type and click without keys

RSI getting you down? You could use voice recognition software, but that usually still involves a mouse, which can suck if your wrists and fingers are in terrible pain. Enter the orbiTouch keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard that lets you type and control your mouse without having to hit a single button.

It's controlled two round "domes," each of which you can slide into eight positions. It's nothing like QWERTY: each quadrant on the right side has five letters, numbers, or symbols, each in one of eight colors. Slide the dome to one of the quadrants, and then slide the dome on the left to the segment of the color that corresponds to the letter you want. There, you've typed one letter! Mouse mode is more intuitive: slide the right dome around to point the cursor, then move the left dome to the right or left to right or left click.

The idea hasn't exactly caught on so far, and it's pretty easy to see why. But someday something will replace QWERTY, right? Please? You can purchase an orbiTouch for $400 from the company's website, or from retailers like Amazon.

via Keybowl