Nissan developing color-changing auto paint

Bored with your car's current paint job? Well, if Nissan has its way, instead of having to go get an expensive new paint job to solve your problem, you'll be able to simply flick a switch and change the color of your auto's paintjob.

Yep, they're developing color-changing auto paint. It'll be able to change colors when zapped with an electrical current, allowing you to fool the cops by changing your cars color when you go into that tunnel when they're chasing you. I'm sure there are other, more lawful uses for this, but that certainly seems like the most obvious choice, no? In any case, it won't be ready until at least 2010, and at that point it'll probably still be too expensive for the type of dudes who buy cars and worry about outrunning the cops as a feature set.

MobileMag, via Gadget Lab