Minority Report alert: 3D CAT scan projector has virtual buttons

Remember that big no-touch screen that Tom Cruise liked to use in Minority Report? A German research institute has come up with something similar. It's made a screen that projects CAT scan results in 3D form. Physicians can then control the image without having to touch the machine or a remote. The "Non Contact Image Control" system can tell which way the doctor's finger is moving in the air by way of a two camera system installed above the display. Meanwhile, a third camera scans the user's face to see where his eyes are pointing so that the 3D projection, including "virtual buttons," makes sense from that angle.

The no-touch system is meant to be useful in sterile surgical situations. Outside of surgery, we imagine that the system could be connected with great effect to a 3D bone printers.

Press Release, via Med Gadget