Magnetic cube shelves allow you to play Martha Stewert every day

It's only taken the history of the earth, but someone has finally found a way to innovate the bookshelf. This magnetic bookshelf is the work of Swen Krause and was designed for Nils Holger Moorman, a German furniture outfit. The unit consists of two parts, a giant metal slab that is attached to the wall horizontally or vertically, and individual shelf cubbies that have a strong magnet backing. Stick the cubbies onto the magnetic backing however your inner contemporary designer sees fit. Don't like how it looks? Rearrange the cubbies until you find your inner chi.

Wouldn't it be more convenient to just line all of the shelves up in a row? It would be a lot easier to use. I know, I know, then I wouldn't be a trendy, hip, new age designer, now would I? No word on pricing or availability.

Via CubeMe