Lotus Sanitizing System uses super-oxygen to clean ... anything?

I may have squeaked by chemistry class in college, but something about using electrons to infuse tap water with "super-oxygen" to provide a cleaning solution 50-percent stronger than bleach just doesn't seem right. But like my mother always told me, if it has an infomercial it has to be real! Apparently this sanitization system creates a miniature electrical storm in your tap water to create super-oxygenated water capable of cleaning and sterilizing almost anything.

The Lotus Sanitizing System includes the base unit that magically creates the electrical storms in the water. In addition, it includes a spray bottle that will fit in the unit and create a super-cleaning solution to be used anywhere in the house. A bowl is also included that can be filled with water and do its work on fruits and veggies, which are perfectly safe to consume. The unit is available for $170. Seriously, we can use fake thunderstorms to create super-water, but still can't cure cancer. What's wrong with the world?

Lotus Sanitizing System