Looks like a pen, but it's a Bluetooth-transmitting camcorder

To the casual observer, this is just an ordinary ballpoint pen, but underneath its mild-mannered skin, it's bristling with the latest technology. Forget that camera in your tie; not only does this pencam surreptitiously record video and audio, but it's also able to transmit that footage back to a PC or any Bluetooth-enabled device lurking nearby. If you don't want to shoot video, it can send an alarm to a remote location, too.

It's also equipped with motion activation, silently beginning its recording as soon as it detects the slightest move. If you don't want to transmit its signal, it can store its quarter-frame (320x240 pixels) 30 frame-per-second video footage on a microSD card that's the size of a baby's fingernail. Nobody's talking about price yet, but it will probably be coming soon to a spy shop (or bedroom) near you.

Gizmodo, via Gizmag