Lars & Ivan PA-40Ti Hybrid iPod Dock does away with pesky speakers

The Lars & Ivan motto, posted on its website, is "less is more." One look at the PA-40Ti Hybrid iPod Dock makes it clear that the company's serious — notice the lack of speakers? You won't hear anything when you plug in your iPod to just the dock, but the Hybrid is actually a 40 watt tube amplification system that'll give some serious power to whatever sweet pair you (hopefully) already have. It does have a subwoofer pre-amp built-in, and will charge your iPod, support USB connections, video output. You can hook it up to some other RCA audio devices (no digital inputs, though). It's also worth noting that you won't be settling for a boring old box like more other amps.

For a powerful amplifier (and pretty cool looking), the Hybrid is pretty decently priced at $340. Click on through for an additional image.

Lars & Ivan, via Technabob