Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack holds your spices, knows how to use 'em

I like my spice nice and stupid, but then again when I think of spices salt and pepper are the first to come to mind. The Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack holds 16 spices — eight on each level — a kitchen timer and comes loaded with 200 different recipes. The recipe list is stored digitally inside the detachable top of the unit, so you can tote it around when you're shopping and get the weird crushed stuff you need. The dinky LCD probably won't replace your favorite cookbook but, hey, maybe it'll come handy in a pinch. Get it? Pinch! Like with spices.

The SmartSpice Rack sells for $65 and comes with 16 bottles of spices. Remember: "He who controls the spice controls the universe!" Somehow I don't think this is the type of control Frank Herbert meant in Dune.

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack, via OhGizmo!