Ingrid touts world's first fully digital home security system

Homes and apartments can be tricky to protect — they're full of entryways in the forms of doors and windows (among other creative methods). Ingrid reckons its home security system of easy-to-install sensors coupled with an all digital infrastructure that's always alert will provide residents a little peace of mind. Ingrid's system is easy to set up — so easy, in fact, they say the average person can do it in under two hours — and is essentially a hub that communicates wirelessly with sensors placed by doors and windows. If there's an entry, off goes the alarm. Of course, you can set a password or use a keychain clicker (as you would with your car) to unlock and lock down the house. The system is always monitoring itself and will know whenever the state of an entry changes, or even if a sensor goes down.

Ingrid offers two packages. The smaller package which is good for an area of about 1500 square feet costs $200 and comes with the hub and a handful of sensors. They also have a larger $300 package, good for 2500 square feet, which has all of the goodies plus more sensors and a range extender. Widening the area of security is as easy as buying more hardware, thanks to the modular design.

Via Ingrid Home Security