GM plans electric car for 2010, eleven years after it killed the EV1

The 2006 film Who Killed the Electric Car? was about a GM conspiracy that led to the removal of the first mass-marketed electric car, the EV1, from the market. GM even went so far as to take cars from customers' homes and have them turned into scrap metal. For that reason, news that the company is finally planning to make another electric car, the Volt, has been met with extreme skepticism.

But it looks like the company that sells the Hummer really is trying to change its image (while selling as many Hummers as possible). The company's R&D chief Larry Burns told Newsweek that he believes killing the EV1 was a mistake: "If we could turn back the hands of time, we could have had the Chevy Volt 10 years earlier." And GM vice chairman Bob Lutz told Daily Tech "[GM's] iconic brand is, unfortunately, the Hummer. That perception needs to change."

Whatever GM's motives, prototypes for the Volt are pretty cool looking. Though the Volt is not technically a hybrid car because it will run on battery power, it will have a gas engine that will recharge the batteries. That may sound suspiciously hybrid, but as long as the Volt gets awesome mileage from the gas it does use and is sold on the mass market at a reasonable price, we won't care.

Daily Tech, via Switched