Gibson Robot Guitar tunes itself so you can just jam

The idea of a Gibson Robot Guitar hits all the right notes with me, what with robot in the title and a ton of snazzy lights and automated bits. All you have to do is strum the strings and the guitar does the rest. A knob lit with multi-colored LEDs lets you know when the strings are in tune, going from a negative red to positive green, and finally to an all-clear flashing blue. And don't worry — the pickups used for tuning are embedded underneath the strings so you won't have to worry about the amount of noise that usually accompanies a guitar from interfering.

The regular model will be coming out later this year, but Gibson announced that a first run limited edition Blue Silverburst Les Paul will hit stores in about a month, and boy is it a beaut. No solid word on price, but the self tuning guitars will only be available in certain locations and rumor has it they will cost over $2,000 — not so expensive for a guitar, let alone a robotic one. Check out the pics below, and click on through to see what the Gibson Robot Guitar can do.

Gibson Robot Guitar, via Crave