Fujitsu's external hard drive runs 300GB on USB power

Fujitsu, the company that brought us the world's smallest laptop, has come out with an external hard drive that is the worlds smallest— for its capacity. Its creatively named External Hard Disk Drive has 300GB storage space in a 3.3x4.7 inch box. The real news isn't its small size, however. This hard drive is USB-powered, so there's no need for an AC adapter. And since it's still a spinning hard drive (instead of using all flash memory), it's not prohibitively priced: $230 isn't a bad deal for an external hard drive of this capacity, never mind a highly portable one that is nearly cordless.

It may not be covered with Swarovski crystals , but the Fujitsu drive seems like the ultimate accessory for new Leopard users to tote around so that Time Machine can run wherever they do.

Via Fujitsu