Flashy Sveid corkscrew is gold, titanium, and costs more than your wine cellar

Wowing guests with your expensive taste in wine and whiskey and other corked bottled beverages is nice and all, by why open that bottle with any ol' opener? This stylish corkscrew by Sveid is made out of aviation-grade titanium and features an 18-carat gold finger-hold. It's a dual action opener, with a wind-around motion to remove the cork's covering and then your standard drill-down, pull-up movement to snag the cork free.

One tiny downside, I suppose: the Sveid corkscrew costs over $70,000. My eyes boggled, sure, but you're probably already pulling out your credit card aren't you? Well, you win this one — I don't need a corkscrew for this wine-in-a-box anyway.

Sveid, via BoingBoing Gadgets