Ferrari to build $624 million theme park in the UAE

As if the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is located, needed any more ludicrous, over-the-top expensive attractions, Ferrari has just announced plans to build a 62-acre theme park there dedicated to its automobiles.

Costing a whopping $624.5 million to build, the gigantic park will feature 24 attractions, including a gigantic, 230-foot-high G-Force Tower and a F1-branded twin rollercoaster ride. There'll also be auto schools complete with tracks for people to drive on, "multi-format high tech theatres," whatever that means, and a bunch of roller coasters. They'll also slap down a full racing circuit to host the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It's no small undertaking obviously, but it should be open by 2009.

Trendhunter, via BornRich