F-35 Joint Striker Fighter helmet renders the plane nearly invisible

This ain't your papa's flight helmet. Designed for pilots of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the helm you see above will allow pilots to virtually see through the aircraft around them, giving them a wide field of view ahead and superimposing an Infrared image of the world below onto their visors at night. The helmet also operates in tandem with the system of "symbology" the aircraft uses rather than a traditional heads-up display, allowing information about the plane — navigation, weapon systems, system status, etc — to be projected directly onto the pilot's helmet. The F-35 JSF is the first fighter jet in 50 years not to use a HUD.

The helmet is being built by Vision Systems International and Helmet Integrated Systems, and tested by the Royal Air Force's Centre for Aviation Medicine. The F-35 JSF is often hailed as the next generation of fighter craft, so having a cool new helmet that looks fresh off of a sci-fi set is only fitting.

Defence News, via Crave