Electrolux Design Lab 2007 offers peek into future households

I'm told the good folks over at the Electrolux Design Lab competition set out to design household appliances from the future, but their entries are so good I'm starting to suspect they really are time travelers trying to pull a fast one on the 21st century. Efficiency was the order of the day, and the appliances sought to go easy on water and power demands, as well as be lasting, sustainable products. The finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab competition look pretty crazy, such as that tall slab with specialized cubbies to store food, a sink/dishwasher combo, and a see-through shower stall that appears to clean with mist and light. Now all we need is a robot like Rosie from the Jetsons to operate everything so we can watch our floating TVs.

Check out the gallery of finalists below. Which would you want in your home?

Electrolux Design Lab, via MoCo Loco