Docomo unleashes 905i superphone on iPhone-obsessed consumers

Japanese cell phone giant Docomo just released two new phone models, the 905i and 705i series, with 23 variations available in 75 different colors. After perusing the selection it's immediately clear that the new 905i is the phone you'll want to get your hands on. The 905i features 3G/GSM international roaming, credit card and iD credit payment services, Japan's popular 1-seg mobile television (with the ability to record programs), and GPS location information.

But that's just for openers... The phone also offers voice-activated Japanese-to-English translation, plays Windows Media video files, features a constantly updated music video channel and comes with an interactive game operated via finger movements, tilting/waving of the handset and spoken words. The 905i, due out in Japan on November 26, may not have an iPhone-esque touchscreen, but on all other counts it sure seems like the next-gen superphone we've been waiting for.

Via Docomo