DelFly MAV is an incredible remote-controlled dragonfly

The DelFly MAV is a marvel of engineering. It's an ornithopter, a flying robotic bug, and it weighs a mere 16 grams. It can fly for 15 minutes at up to 30MPH or can hover in place for 8 minutes. It has an on-board camera, so pilots can control it remotely and see where they're going.

Just check out that video! This thing is amazing, and I want one right now. It'll probably used for unsettling things like surveillance at first, but it also has potential uses in search-and-rescue missions after disasters. As they do more work on it, it'll be able to fly for longer without running out of steam, and they're also working on a smaller version with a mere 5cm wingspan. Did I mention I want one? Because I really, really do.

DelFly, via BotJunkie