Cre8txt cellphone-style text input device for PC is the first sign of the apocalypse

Pack your bags because the apocalypse is coming. This is apparent by the creation of the Cre8txt. Kids nowadays that would rather rock out T9 text messaging rather than using a full QWERTY keyboard can now do so anywhere, on any device. Cre8txt is a device that can plug into a PC and provide a different (and preferred, for some people kids) way to input text.

The picture would infer that it is simply a conceptual device and there is hope for the world after all, but alas, it is not a conceptual design and it is actually available from the companies website for $105. It still boggles my mind; seriously, are kids so text message inclined to want the same kind of text input on a PC?

Cre8txt, via OhGizmo!