Conceptual OLED design watch lacks practicality, but compensates with awesomeness

I am blaming the design trends currently happening, and made apparent by this watch, on companies like Nintendo and Apple. Simplicity and interactivity is the new norm in cool designs and I'm a little sick of it. Maybe I just miss DOS too much.

This conceptual design watch utilizes loads and loads of simplicity and interactivity with its OLED face. The face appears to look more like one of those wretched Tokyoflash watches that is impossible to determine the time. In this watch's case, that is a fact, because the OLED design is just a random starry figure — it is once the watch is shook or tapped, the OLED display will reconfigure to display the time in the traditional analog-style. This watch goes by the name of TIWE and is the work of Lv Zhogfang.

Via MoCo Loco