Coming Soon: TiVo for your computer

Yesterday TiVo announced that a software company called Nero will create a platform to "bring TiVo features to the personal computer." TiVo realizes that a lot of people out there have tuners for their computers. and is hoping to capture that market with its new software. TiVo has already paired with companies you use on your computer like Rhapsody and Amazon, it was only a matter of time before they actually invaded your computer.

We think that TiVo's a bit late to the game, however. TiVo and Nero haven't announced when this software update will come out, nor what its cost or subscription fee will be. Problem is, Windows Vista and Media Center already have built in DVR features that may not be as easy to use as TiVo, but are completely free. Cable companies have been giving out generic DVR boxes for free for years, undercutting TiVo's core market, and now TiVo wants to enter a market that already has free competition.

But who knows? Maybe the company has something special up its sleeve, like Windows smashing-software that replaces subscription fees with advertiser-sponsored support. If not, we're afraid the company's customers will remain the small population of super-fans who are willing to pay extra for a pretty interface.

Tivo press release via Engadget