Coby's music-playing photo frame: Add some Def Leppard to your slideshows

Does Coby's DP-5588 Photo Frame Clock make a good gift? Well, it looks pretty cool, I guess, and supposedly it won some kind of design innovations award from the nice CES people. Still, the 480 x 234-pixel screen isn't going to win any contests, and a frame is kind of an odd choice of gadget to include an MP3 player. There are even "speakers" — presumably present in case you think your digital slideshows need some crappy-sounding accompaniment.

For $80 on Amazon, I'd prefer a little wireless tech, but at least the clock is easier to read than those crazy Tokyoflash watches. It would probably but disappoint gearheads, but for tech dabblers, why not?

Via Coby USA