CellQ lets you know when it's your turn for the roller coaster

Can you imagine a world where amusement park rides didn't have long lines? It's tough— when I think of Disney I only remember endless mazes. But what if visiting an amusement park were more like visiting the Cheesecake Factory, where they give you a vibrator so you don't have to wait in the restaurant's entrance? A company called Monkwood has developed a technology called CellQ that it hopes will eliminate amusement park lines.

The concept is pretty simple: instead of waiting in line for the roller coaster, you can wander around the park. Your cell phone will text you when it's your turn. The device won't help you fit more rides into your day, since a queue indicates that a ride is constantly at capacity. But Monkwood hopes that you'll have a more enjoyable park experience, or at least spend more time shopping.

So far only Flamingoland in the U.K. has instituted the technology, but we're intrigued to see if it will work with the enormous crowds over here. It might even encourage tech-phobic adults to learn how to text.

CellQ via CrunchGear