Carbon Chassis Velocipede blurs line between cycles, race cars

Ever get the urge when you're biking around to smash into solid objects like cars and brick walls? Accidentally end up doing that anyway? You might want to trade in your bi-wheeled conveyance for something that packs a little more punch and even another wheel, like this Carbon Chassis Velocipede. It's made out of the same stuff Formula F-1 racers are, and has a sleek three-wheeled design built for speed and easy steering. It's got shock absorbers, independent suspension and only weighs 60 pounds. It doesn't look like those 20 inch wheels will do too well off road, but the Velocipede would certainly be an impressive replacement for your ordinary urban exercise bike.

Designed by Michael Goretzky, the Carbon Chassis Velocipede sells for a whopping $14,000. You could go through a lot of mangled bikes for that price — no promising your body's up for that, though.

Hammacher Schlemmer, via Übergizmo