Bionic arm delivers sense of touch to amputees

There are already prosthetic arms out there that allow people to grab things and use a fake hand with some success, but they all lack the sense of touch that allows people to really use their hands to the fullest. That may be changing, with a new prosthetic limb that enables amputees to regain their sense of touch.

Developed by Dr. Todd Kuiken, the arm is the closest thing to having a real arm again people can get. Controlled via thoughts and attached to muscles in the chest, it's designed to work just like a real arm. The first recipient reported being able to cut a steak and peel a banana, tasks requiring many subtle movements that were impossible with older, more clunky arms. Hopefully this means that in the not too distant future having a limb replaced will be a much easier event to adapt to.

Via Far East Gizmos