Arantix Mountain Bike: Ready for any terrain

The Arantix Mountain Bike may look a little sketchy, but make no mistake — it's one of the strongest and lightest mountain bikes in the world. Each Arantix bike is hand-made by weaving single carbon-fiber strands that create an open lattice "Iso Truss" structure of each frame tube and that process takes 300 hours. The bike comes with a hard-tail (no shocks) frame that weighs a scant 2.7 pounds. The front suspension is One Fox F100 RLC with a Shimano XTR drive train (with the gear shifts, brakes and chain). The bike costs $12,000, but you can buy the frame for just $7,000, though why you would just buy the frame is beyond me. The Arantix will be available this winter.

Via Delta 7 Sports