Alu High-Tech Sled zips down steep hills in shock-absorbed comfort

Got a steep hill nearby? You need this Alu High-Tech Sled, crafted of feather-light, corrosion-resistant aluminum and equipped with shock absorbers to keep that ride smooth and your back unbroken. Underneath are 2-inch-wide plastic runners that are perfect for waxing, just like your fastest skis. Once you've finished your lightning-fast downhill run, there's even a handbrake, keeping you from ending up in places you'd rather not go.

When winter is over, you'll be glad to know this high-tech sport sled folds nearly flat, to a height of less than 7 inches. That ought to fit into the most cramped of closets or basements during the majority of the year while the sled awaits its next season of rip-roaring fun. Equipped to carry even a 220-pound bruiser, it'll cost you a serious $636.

Pro Idee, via Born Rich