Alpine Electronics eX-10 keeps your eyes on the road, off of your iPod

Alpine Electronics' eX-10 is a Bluetooth-ready, dashboard-mounted control unit for your iPod that will let you easily switch through your tunes without having to glance down at every red light (or every time you switch lanes, you rebel you). It'll also let you go hands-free with any Bluetooth cell phone, and even access some phone menus on its screen. Simply hook your iPod up, slap the unit's suction cup to the dash, and then you're ready to go - the eX-10 uses the car's stereo system by way of an FM signal or a wired connection, and is controlled with a remote.

Unfortunately, there's no way to sync up the eX-10 to recognize steering wheel inputs, but the 2.4 inch LCD screen will be up where you can easily see it. The eX-10 comes out this month and will retail for around $200.