8-bit orchestra: a Game Boy Color, eight pedals, endless tunes

Next time someone boasts that they can play Game Boy with their feet, whip out this 8-way foot pedal-controlled Game Boy Color and show them you can, too. And another surprise for 'em: you won't be playing games, but music.

The work of Joey Mariano, a musician who goes by the alias Animal Style and uses retro consoles as a nerve center for music production, the eight foot pedals correspond with each button on the Game Boy Color. The system goes through a sequencer hack that processes it all into electronic noise that, in the hands of someone who knows what's what, can sound pretty damn cool. The same idea allows for a variety of retro consoles to act as the brain for a music platform.

Animal Style offers several of his albums for free. Check them out if you want a good example of chiptunes done right.

Nerd Arts, via Technabob