World's largest pool now open in Chile: 1 lap = 2 kilometers

When we first heard of the lagoon-sized pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, our thought was, "how do they clean it?" Forget chlorine. According to the pool's manufacturers, it uses up to 100 times less chemicals than a normal pool, and traditional filters have been replaced by a "pulse-based disinfection method." We're not sure if that means that it would adhere to American standards for swimming pools, but according to this article it is filled with water from the Pacific, "witch filters itself," a statement more disconcerting than reassuring.

It sure does look pretty, though. Why such a large pool? Apparently, the waters off of this part of Chile are "cold and inhospitable," explaining why the resort's developer wanted to create an ocean replacement. Will it be successful at compensating for the lack of a swimmable ocean beach? Maybe not, but it's an impressive try, and probably more appropriate for certain beach toys.

San Alfonso del Mar, via Crave