Wi-Fi detecting shirt cements your geeky stardom

Still haven't convinced those around you that you are truly a geek? It's tough to project that image of geekiness, but this Wi-Fi detecting shirt from ThinkGeek is just the kind of apparel that will finally set yourself apart from the rest of the posers.

No longer will you need to squat down and boot up the laptop to check the availability of a Wi-Fi network, now just take a look down to see what your shirt thinks. Underneath the shirt is a slew of electronics and doodads that powers and operate the Wi-Fi detector. The electronics can easily be removed for washing, but you should probably know by now that the stereotypical geek despises washing machines of any type.

The Wi-Fi detecting shirt will be available late October for $30 from ThinkGeek.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, via Gizmodo