WIA "Microrobot" is friggin' huge and well armed

The "Microrobot" may sound like a cute, tiny mech, but you should probably think twice before picking on it. Hint: it'll probably respond by shooting you.

The Microrobot is a driverless patrol vehicle designed to guard the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Though the Microrobot lacks a human onboard, the fear of a mishap is reduced as the rover is controlled entirely by an operator who uses its stereo and Infrared cameras to see, as well as lamp-light and sonic waves to detect obstacles. Best of all, the bot is as easy on power demands as it is on friendly human life, running off a rechargeable lithium battery.

We're sad to see bots getting the short end of the stick, but, if war must be waged, it beats people blowing each other up.

Aving USA, via Übergizmo