Wearable Mobile Device lets your knuckles do the talking

It's clear that touchscreens are the future of cell phones, but why should we have to touch screens? Designer Sunman Kwon has created a concept design that he calls a Wearable Mobile Device, which would use "Finger Touching" technology. The Device encircles your wrist like a bracelet, extending just far enough on the bottom side to project "keys" onto the inside of your hand, effectively turning each segment of each finger into a button. For those of us who have four fingers (the thumb isn't part of the keypad), each with three joints, that adds up to twelve buttons.

Using this system would require dialing on your hand, and you'd make calls through the bracelet. We're trying to avoid "talk to the hand" quips here, so instead will close by saying that at least with this system, your cell phone's keys won't need to be vacuumed, but will instead be refreshingly waterproof.

Via Yanko Design