Walgreens to offer burn-your-own DVD kiosks for movies

Are you stuck in a suburb and bored out of your wits at 3am? Soon, you may be able to mix things up by heading to the nearest 24-hour Walgreens for a pint of ice cream and a store-burned DVD. That's because the chain plans to roll out burn-your-own movie kiosks in the next few months. The DVDs would have the same copyright protections that normal store-bought DVDs have right now (which is why you have to go to the store instead of downloading and burning on your home drive), and probably won't be sold at much of a discount from normal DVDs.

It's still unclear what movies the convenience store will be able to offer. There's been mention of obscure movies that haven't made it to DVD yet, but we're pretty sure that that type of movie wouldn't be able to support such a system. Walgreens is still in negotiations with film studios to decide just what movies you might find it its "virtual inventory" while you pick up a new toothbrush and deodorant.

Reuters, via Gizmodo