VTech cordless phone saves you from bad cellular reception, looks hot

In my old apartment, there was only one good place to get a cell-phone signal, and that was the bathroom. That unfortunate coincidence led to a lot of door-pounding between me and my roommate — too bad phones like VTech's LS5145 weren't around back then to play peacemaker. This futuristic-looking cordless handset can take both landline calls and calls from your cell phone. All you have to do is park your cell within 30 feet of the base station, and it'll relay calls to the 5.8GHz handset via Bluetooth.

Gotta love the design, too. The sleek modern lines, metallic finish and gloss-black accents look inspired by Bang & Olufsen. It comes preloaded with 15 ringtones, and you can record your own, too, a feature you'll have trouble finding in the cell-phone world. It's available now for $150.

Mobileburn, via Übergizmo