Voice recording CD album protects the roads from dangerous CD fumblers

As much as it pains me to see it (come on, there are better options), people continue to purchase and burn CDs for music on the road. The danger that accompanies fumbling through a CD album while driving will be no more, as long as you opt for this voice-recording CD album.

For each page in the album this device allows a 30 second clip to be recorded. Once a page is turned, the device will play the recorded message for the corresponding page, reading off the CD details and allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. The downside to this CD case is the fact that it is gigantic and will likely not fit under your seat like your previous umpteen CD cases you own would. This talking CD album will talk to you like a friend, but it will make you a safer driver for $50. Maybe it's time to opt for a smaller alternative.

Voice Recording CD Album, via Nerd approved