Venturi Mini do-it-all car audio system can't make toast, that's about it

That plethora of wires connecting all of your gadgets to your car should be no more, at least if Venturi has anything to do with it. If it relates to your cellphone or audio player, the Venturi Mini can tackle the task at hand.

This small adapter plugs into the 12V DC adapter in your vehicle and can then connect to your cellphone and/or MP3 player for hands-free calling and audio streaming through your integrated car audio system via FM transmission. The Venturi Mini also includes a LCD display that will scroll song details or caller ID information. Don't fret, wire junkies, the Venturi Mini also includes audio input jacks for directly connecting a portable media device and a USB port for charging. The little dandy will set you back $160, which seems like a lot of paper, but the convenience may outweigh the price.

Venturi Mini, via Red Ferret