Underwood Rotobox Winder Cabinet for people who really love watches

So, let's say you have a lot of watches. A lot of watches. You might be able to put this Underwood Rotobox Fifty-Module Watch Winder Cabinet to good use. A big part of watch maintainence, especially when it comes to those older analog doodads only important people wear, is keeping them wound and ticking. But if you have dozens and dozens of watches, that's a lot of winding.

The Rotobox Winder has fifty spring-loaded modules to hold and wind watches. The unit maintains a 30 minutes clockwise/30 minutes counterclockwise winding cycle every 3 hours. It runs off both AC and battery power, and will disable the batteries when plugged in via AC so it doesn't run them down. LEDs on the cabinet let you know the cycle is active, even during the watches' rest periods.

If you have fifty watches, you probably won't balk at the price: $56,200.

Pianki, via Born Rich