Tributaries T10 Power Strip accommodates bulky wall warts from all angles

Having trouble finding room for all those unwieldy AC adapters that seem to proliferate like amorous bunnies? While you might like the excellent Power Squid ($11.95), a more-conventional yet precise approach is this Tributaries T10 Power Strip. It aims to please, where five out of its ten three-pronged outlets rotate 90 degrees, giving you plenty of room to plug in a quintet of those wall warts with room to spare. Just pick an angle that keeps them from interfering with each other, and they'll all fit.

Besides that convenient characteristic, the makers of this high-end power strip also claim that it filters AC power, and also shields your delicate electronic equipment from surges that might find their way through network, telephone, and cable TV wiring. And oh yeah, it also protects everything plugged into it from surges through power lines, too. Too bad it's so doggone expensive, retailing at $80, same as that pricey and similarly-equipped Power Squid Calamari we were admiring late last year. Both are impressive, but we'll stick with the $11.95 Power Squid.

Tributaries, via Gizmodo