Terrifying robotic panda will scare your kids to sleep

I've always thought that stuffed animals were one of those things that could never really be updated, and this Interactive Robotic Panda kind of proves me right. While a nice plush stuffed bear never goes out of style, what with it being a soft, comfy item for a little one to snuggle up to, a stuffed bear full of robotics with demonic glowing eyes is the kind of thing that'd give someone nightmares for life.

Another potentially-scarring feature is sensors embedded in the bear that can tell when it's touched. Rather than just, you know, be soft, it starts moving and reacting to you, sure to add to the freak-out factor. It can also tell if it's being picked up or held as opposed to sitting on the ground. Maybe this thing would be neat for kids old enough to not flip out, but keep this thing out of the crib if you don't want to pay for therapy down the line.

Product Page, via Shiny Shiny